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Use your language skills to help Bible translators!

We are looking for bilingual people and teams to help us remotely from any location to assist the translation of Gateway Language biblical content. We will provide all needed training! You can even put together a group! Perhaps you have a local community in your church that speaks one of the needed languages.


  • At least near fluent reading and writing in one of the Gateway languages listed here.
  • Reading and comprehension in English must be good or near fluent.
  • Ability to use and type efficiently with a computer

Gateway languages are the lynchpin to achieving our vision of a Bible in every language by 2025. These are the languages of greater communication in regions of the world. We are working to create translation tools and resources in these gateway languages that will be used by national Bible translators and local churches as they work to translate God’s Word into their own heart languages.

Languages Needed:

  • Africa: Malagasy, Swahili, Hausa, French
  • Asia: Burmese, Malaysian, Khmer, Laotian, Mandarin
  • Pacific: Bislama, Tok Pisin,  
  • Eurasia: Russian, Arabic, Urdu, Persian / Farsi

Gateway Language Team Member Questionnaire